Velvet – Alliance

Velvet classic Alliance is on hiatus. Venom is running as normal.

Our vision for Velvet classic is much the same as Velvet retail. We aim to build a friendly community of mature players. We’ll raid to the best of our ability, do some PVP and have a laugh along the way. Many of us aren’t rushing to level 60 but for those who are Pure as arranged joint guild raids with a larger guild. We’re on an RP-PVP server so we’ll surely get involved in the RP scene. If your allegiance lies with the Alliance come join us in this adventure!

Ranks of Velvet

Guild Master
The Guild Master.

Potts/Bur, Kimmy, Lümas & Ashe.

Idiots tricked into doing loads of work for no pay.

Members who we know from retail or friends of the guild.

A social member of Velvet.


Only your main will be given a rank all others characters live here.