Guild Rules

What We Expect From You.

We aim for Velvet to be a social raiding guild with a pleasant, friendly atmosphere, to accomplish this we need players to be friendly, mature and to respect other players.
We expect a certain level of etiquette and common sense from everyone. If you are behaving in a way that is annoying other guild members, such as leaving keys early, spamming in guild chat, shouting over discord or begging Dahid will spank you.

It’s rare that we remove anyone from the guild our first approach is always to talk to you should we have a problem. Communication is critical to success so if you have a problem talk to an officer, after all if we don’t know about it we can’t put it right!

Guild Banking.

Like most guilds we have a few tabs of stuff no one really wants which you can take from and add to.

Most items in the locked tabs are for sale, the money goes into the guild bank to pay for raid repairs, supplies and recipes. If you want something, ask an officer and they will get it to you ASAP.

While we do appreciate all donations to the guild bank please do not deposit junk such as low level items or junk. Please think before you deposit because it takes our time to clean it up.
For information on items we are looking for the guild please see the #Farm-Squad channel on discord.

For more information about what supplies the guild needs see the 💪farm-squad channel in discord.

Raiding Rules.

Be ready for an invite at 7:45 ST with all your gear gemmed and enchanted. While you may not get an invite right away that’s when we start making the group. All raiders are expected to have flasks, food and pre-pots. In progress raids everyone donates one flask to the guild and get’s two back from cauldrons. For the most part feasts will be provided but should you miss it or be the only person that died you will need to eat your own food. We expect everyone to be able to listen on discord and on fights such as mekkatorque if you can’t speak you will be asked to sit out that boss. If you will be taking a break from raiding or late to a raid please let us know ahead of time.

While we don’t take ourselves too seriously everyone in the raid team expects progress and all of us need to work together to achieve that.