Velvets goal with raiding is to get as far as possible in Mythic in the current tier. The end goal is not to clear the whole raid but to see how far we can get. This should happend while still having fun and not taking a to much of a hardcore approach.
What we expect from our raiders
19:45 PM Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday are the schduled gulid runs for velvet, there might also be some extra unscheduled raids like “Daves party run for pro people” which happend often on weekend. So thats when we want our raiders to be on and ready for the current encouter/encounters we’re going to face. This means that you have breif knowledge about the fight and are prepared with consumables for the whole raid night. Give us a headsup if you’re coming in late or if you can’t attend to make sorting the group easier for us. Always come fully focused on the task at hand and bring a chill attitude because we might get stuck for a while sometimes only to overcome it in the end (or miserably give up, cry in a corner and hope that next raid is easier).