Who We Are

About us

Velvet is an 18+ social raiding guild. Founded in May 2017 by Dahid and Reselda. Velvet was founded with the intentions of experiencing content, whilst enjoying the game with friends in a guild. Our philosophy is to play the game like it’s meant to be played; for fun.

What to expect

You should expect a pleasant, enjoyable, social atmosphere that everyone can be a part of. We are a social raiding guild who welcomes all levels and abilities of player. If you’re looking for a serious progress driven raid team we can provide that. If you’re looking for a more relaxed heroic raiding environment we have that too! Whether you’re a skilled raider or someone looking to grow as a player, we have a fantastic community of experienced people for you to join. We can help you with everything you need, our guild chat is usually booming with activity. I hope to see you getting stuck in with the jokes, discussions, debates and advice soon!

If you’re looking for a relaxed, friendly, helpful guild you just found it .

What we do

We do anything you want. If there is a certain aspect of the game you love, talk about it! We are a medium sized social raiding guild where members can have a great time chatting, clearing raids and killing each other in the Gurubashi Arena! If raiding isn’t your cup of tea come join us in our other guild activities such as; Achievement runs, Treasure hunts, Trivia and more!

Ranks of Velvet

Guild Master
The Guild Master.

Bur, Devereux, Thanilia & Archifel.

Idiots tricked into doing loads of work for no pay.

Raiders who have proved their skill level and have priority for raids.

Trial Raider

If you’re a new raider you’ll start here.

A member of Velvet, yes really.


Only your main will be given a rank all others characters live here.